So I finally got to visit Token

If I am eating out in Dublin it usually means that I was too lazy to make lunch for work or I am going to a gig, so I am normally on a time limit. That is the main reason it took me so long to finally visit Token Dublin. The opportunity presented itself when I had to travel up to Dublin for a nutritional talk in the gym I attend. Rather than me just going home after the talk, my boyfriend said that he would travel up to meet me so we could check Token out.

Walking into the premises we were greeted by a wall displaying various pieces of retro gaming paraphernalia, followed by the “HIGHSCORE WALL” which is littered with Polaroids of people with way more patience and skill than I will ever have. There was nobody at the welcome desk to seat us when we arrived. However, it did not take long for us to be noticed and we were shown to a table. We were informed that we had an hour and a quarter to make use of it. Which is quite generous for a quick eater like myself.


On the table was a specials menu which also listed desserts and drinks, along with cutlery and napkins. There were also two gaming magazines on our table which we just moved aside. The waitress had a good chuckle when she opened the magazines to reveal the menu inside after we asked for one. So be warned!

As it was our first time there, we felt it best to go with the Cheapskate Deal which includes a main, regular side draught beer/wine/unlimited soda and 10 tokens for playing games for €20.95. I added a cocktail (Cammy’s Hat) to my deal at only an extra €4. Although the menu at Token is pretty much broken down into four main dishes (burger, hotdog, tacos, fried chicken/vegan fried chicken, salad), there is enough variety to keep many people happy. Not being a particular fan of hotdogs, I opted for the vegan option out of curiosity. This comprised of vegan quinoa chilli, vegan queso, campfire sauce, nacho dust and jalapenos (I know, not great after a talk on nutrition). Along with the sweet potato fries, I can confirm it is well worth ordering. My boyfriend went the carnivorous route of the Out n In Burger (two beef sliders, cheddar, pickles, red onion, Token burger sauce, bacon jam) and the herb fries which he also really enjoyed.

The food is served in disposable containers and the cutlery is also disposable, but Token promise that it is either plant-based, compostable, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

The churros, vegan sundae or the deep fried Oreo cheesecake bombs were very much calling out to me but I was eager to get stuck into some games. We got the bill which was given to us in a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PS2 case, paid and got our ten tokens each as promised in the meal deal.

The view from our table

When we arrived around 2pm on this particular Saturday, Token was quiet enough but by the time we had finished our food there was a good crowd in just for gaming and drinks from the bar. Still, we did not have to wait very long to get onto what we wanted to play. The only machine I missed out on was Mario Kart because it was never free from a particular group of children. For those of you not too keen on sharing space with kids, they are only permitted in the premises until 4pm. We got good use out of our combined 20 tokens, playing many games together and a few solo. There are pinball machines downstairs but we didn’t explore that option and stuck to the cabinets. My favourites were Tekken Tag Tournament, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, The Simpsons and Golden Axe. Token rotate machines as they see fit from this list. Side-note for any germaphobes –  they have anti-bacterial gel dispensers on the wall.


Overall it was a decent way to kill a Saturday afternoon. The service was quick and friendly and there is plenty to keep you occupied should you not be eating. For your little ones and those in need of a place to sit, there are stools littered around the place to make it more comfortable to play some of the games. The main area is accessible for those with mobility issues, however, do be aware that there are a small few cabinets up some steps and the pinball machines are accessible down some stairs.

You can find Token’s website here for more information. If you want to check out their events comprising of everything from Dungeons and Dragons to E3 Press Conference viewings click here.