Bat Fit Fam Week 3

The middle week of my self-prescribed fitness regime has been quite the adventure.

Day 1 – Godkiller, More Like Kill Me

I was so happy when I saw Darebee put up a Wonder Woman inspired workout. The Buttercup workout I used my first week was challenging but manageable so I presumed it would be about the same. I was very wrong. Buttercup is described as “a workout that despite its relatively light load still manages to be tough” and Godkiller? Judge for yourself below.


It was very tough but they weren’t lying when they said I would feel like I could go toe to toe with Zeus himself. Well, after I spent a good ten minutes sprawled across my bed I did.

Music to kill reps to – Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL – Wonder Woman Theme

Day 2 – Rick Grimes Disapproves

If I were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse on this day I would not have lasted very long. I booted up my Zombies, Run! app and began my journey. When I got a fair bit away from my house my nose started to run and it was all I could focus on. So much so that I nearly got killed by a car coming out of a driveway. Any other day I would have tissues stashed somewhere. I did consider just wiping it in my t-shirt for a millisecond before I thought better of it.  It was also really warm on that day and my poor Irish body nearly went into shock.

Feeling brave I had upped my frequency of zombie chases by one. This made it eight zombie chases per hour while I was doing fifty minutes. Grand, I thought, make it a tiny bit more challenging. I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve what happened to me on this day. I finished a chase only to have another begin straight after it. It was hell. I had my speed for chases at 18% more than my previous pace so I think the app must have added 18% onto the 18% I had just done. Needless to say I didn’t evade the second hoard of zombies and got caught for the first time. I only lost a pack of  virtual bandages but I don’t think I will ever relax after completing a zombie chase ever again.

What demon possessed my app and did this to me?

I was so #shook that later on I ended up being passed out by a man, only to have to pass him out in a chase. Then when adjusting my headphones I pulled them out of my phone so I stopped the whole thing for fear of a repeat of multiple chases. He then passed me out again and must have been very confused.

Literal soundtrack of my life on this day – Blondie – War Child

Day 3 – Unremarkable

Day 3 was a struggle, it was the first day I wasn’t really in the mood for anything. I did my fifty minutes of Zombies, Run! anyway and just went with it. Obviously I still had the fear in me after my double chase incident so that energised me a bit. I put the chase frequency down by one again but the app still gave me eight chases. I found myself running slower in the chases on this day but it probably worked out better as I was running for a longer period. Speaking of periods, on returning home I realised that mine had arrived. Mystery of my apathy solved. Do you think they go on tampon/pad runs in the Walking Dead?

“Thought I had enough and now I’m not sure” – Taking Back Sunday – Death Wolf

Day 4 – I’m Still a Mess

To top off what was a messy week of exercise, I tripped walking home after a couple of social drinks and I tore up my knee pretty badly. I wouldn’t mind but I genuinely wasn’t in any state that would warrant falling flat on my face (maybe I’m lying to myself). So to give my poor knee a break I chose an arms and back workout from Darebee. I completed it using 6kg hex dumbbells. I was very impressed with myself for completing it as it was quite tough.


Get angry at a boy you don’t know for the gains – La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy

T-Shirt of the Week

Sorry but I got this for €3 in the Men’s section of Penney’s (Primark) last summer, sucks for you.






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