Bat Fit Fam Week 2

This week I ended up doing three days instead of last week’s four. All entirely my fault of course. An impromptu sesh on Saturday meant that Sunday was off limits for exercise. Also my phone had a mid-week dip in the toilet so my priorities were slightly skewed (it’s fine btw). I did manage to up my activity on the days I did exercise so all was not completely lost.

A girl’s gotta live

Day 1 – Doubling Back

After my issues with timing the previous week, I decided to up the zombie chase frequency in the Zombies, Run! app and also moved my workout to 45 minutes from 30. I was now on season 1, episode 3 and had been looking forward going out all day. The change of timing worked out well for the most part. However, I had to run past my house and double back because I gave myself too much time and not enough area to cover. It was awkward but only a minor annoyance. I pulled up my leggings at the start of the run and ended up pulling my underwear with them. Now that was the worst thing about the run for a good 10 minutes.

Track that made me want to punch 100 zombies straight in the gut – Muse – Psycho

Chases can be tailored to suit all levels

Day 2 – Cyclists, Great!

On day 2 I was rearing to go. I had begun building up my base in the Zombies, Run! app and was hungry for more virtual resources.  I was so ready for this day that I upped my time to 50 minutes and set my speed for chases to 18% more than my normal pace. I would say that day 2 of this week had to be the most nerve wracking. I was very conscious of the probability of zombies. I was so engrossed in this that I spent much of my run thinking of tactics to lessen my chances of coming across a horde around a pedestrian crossing. I felt like a real runner in a zombie apocalypse.

The worst moment involved a mother cycling with her two daughters slowly. My path was eventually going to run out and I had to cross. The mother was cycling on the cycle path which would have been fine if her daughters weren’t spread across the narrow pedestrian path. Luckily for me they turned the corner. Unluckily for me though, a chase soon started and I was met with two slow walkers (real people) and a stretch of road with a very dangerous crossing at the end. I absolutely legged it only to have the chase stop right at the crossing. I changed my route on this day and finally didn’t under or over estimate the distance.

Track that pumped me up – Don Broco – Pretty

file - Copy
Home Sweet Home

Day 3 – Abs-olutely in Bits

For the last day I went with the abs programme I wrote out for myself. I extended my planking sets to 45 seconds from 30 and added weight to my Russian twists. I had zero motivation and found it boring but got through it. I might look at it again for the next three weeks to change it up a little more.

Track that edged me on – Monsta X – Hero

T-Shirt of the Week

I bought this from a shop in Brick Lane in London forever ago that has a cat in it. There’s a lot of pictures of the shop with the cat but nobody has named it! I really wish I knew it because this t-shirt is one of my favourites.


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